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ASOS price checker F.A.Q.

Why comparing prices?

ASOS delivers goods around the world and has different website versions for the majority of popular countries with their own currency and prices. Conversion to one currency may show that the prices depend on a particular website, and this difference can be as much as a few percent, or several times. What’s more important, you can make orders on a website of almost any country! We only need to check all websites, make some calculations, choose the cheapest one, go to the website we need and make a purchase! This helps you save a lot.
Using all this knowledge, we have written web services helping you avoid all this nauseating searching, converting currencies and going to a relevant website. Key aspects of this buying method are given below.

Warranty and delivery

Can I return my purchase?

- Sure! Changing a country or a currency does not affect your guarantees, free-of-charge return and delivery. The only difference is that no fast delivery will be available from some countries. There is a chance that the delivery time may differ as well but we have never noticed any difference.

Payment and exchange rates

What if my card is in a different currency?

- No problem. You can pay for your order with a card held in any currency as the amount is automatically converted by VISA и MASTERCARD. - No problem. You can pay for your order with a card held in any currency as the amount is automatically converted by VISA and MASTERCARD systems. Besides, most banks do not charge fees for payments in foreign currency but can convert request summ into system currency (USD), and then the system (VISA or MC) will convert the said amount into the payment currency. You can get a detailed information on this process by calling to your bank.

Do you have exchange rate differential?
The exchange rates used in our services are as close to those of the systems, and are updated several times a day.


Is it legal? Won’t I get my account disabled?

- It is totally legal! We have repeatedly contacted ASOS support and got a yes to whether one can order from a different country. ASOS does not prohibit this, and does not block accounts for this!

Summary. How do I compare prices?

By installing the chrome browser extension, you will always be able to see prices in other countries displayed in the currency you need right next to the product.
2) copy the link to the product you need and send it to one of our services:

Telegram: @asoshelperbot

We wish you good shopping!